How to build an effective workforce upskilling program: A strategy workbook

To stay competitive, you can't afford to have employee skill sets fall behind

Workforce upskilling programs can help develop your employees' current skill sets and competencies. Implementing an upskilling program, or even just updating your existing program, may seem daunting because it’s a complex, company-wide effort. However, the effort is worth it for your organization and, more importantly, for your employees.

What will I learn?

This guide will cover everything you need to know about creating your workforce upskilling program, or improving your existing program. Use the bonus workbook questions and related resources to get started on your strategy today.

Also included:

  • A guided goal-setting activity
  • A free vendor evaluation spreadsheet to help guide your research on external training options
  • A free internal communication plan template to boost company-wide awareness and adoption of your new upskilling program
  • Tips on how to choose key software platforms for your program

Download the workbook and start planning your upskilling program now.

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