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Solving the corporate skills crisis


There is undoubtedly a skills crisis.  

At the start of 2019, 7 million U.S. jobs remained unfilled, and American employers consistently cite trouble finding qualified workers - this is according to the report: America’s Skills Gap: Why It’s Real and Why It Matters. 

With significant gaps in digital and soft skills in workers, companies of all sizes, across all industries are struggling to find qualified candidates to fill their open positions.

The rapidly increasing reliance on digital skills in the global economy is not new. This problem has been brewing for over two decades and continues to accelerate. Soft skills are increasingly being acknowledged as critically important to individual, team and company success. 

So what’s the answer? Perhaps the secret to solving this job-related economic phenomenon lives with trainers and designers of learning experiences. 

Join us for a webinar as we discuss actionable ways companies can overcome the skills crisis through innovative approaches to learning design and training.

Key takeaways

In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • The impact of a digital and soft skills gap
  • How to bridge the skills gap
  • Why it’s important and how to develop and curate Authenticate Skills
  • What companies can proactively be doing to solve their talent pipeline challenges

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Laurie Pulido
CEO at Ease Learning

Laurie Pulido

Laurie Pulido is the Chief Executive Officer of Ease Learning, a company she founded in 2003. The company is focused on providing learning design services and technology solutions that transform the learner experience.  Her company focuses specifically on innovative instructional design, customer-friendly helpdesk services, and a cutting-edge SaaS platform that provides a structure for the incremental building and measurement of learner’s skills.

In her capacity as CEO, she works closely with a wide-range of corporate, non-profit and educational institutions to help develop and deliver on their eLearning and face-to-face training and learning strategies. 

Laurie holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from SUNY Binghamton.