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Adapting to the future of work: Essential skills and habits for lifelong learning


Intelligent technology has changed the way we learn and disperse knowledge. Through our daily workflows, we're becoming lifelong learners. This is a radical shift. Professional development now happens in the moment to fill knowledge gaps or reach short-term goals, instead of only through formal training. 

This webinar explores how technology is changing the way employees learn. We'll cover the challenges associated with this change, and how to prepare ourselves and the workforce with the skills, tools, and mindset for the future of work.


In this webinar, we'll cover:

  • The nature of learning as individuals
  • Technologies that are driving the future of learning
  • Learning in the flow
  • The habit of learning
  • The changing nature of work
  • The essential skills for the future of work
  • The power of questions
Who should watch?
Any organization that conducts training and is seeking to overcome adaptive challenges and legacy thinking 

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Alasdair Munn
Head of Learning & Co-Founder at BoxPlay

As co-founder and Chief of Learning and Development at BoxMedia, Alasdair combines his experience and skill sets to shape the future of digital content, and perfect the confluence of technology, neuroscience, and storytelling. As author of BoxPlay’s “The Data Analytics Foundation Certificate” course, Alasdair has developed expertise in the interpretation of data for business optimization. 

Alasdair has 20 years experience working in Africa, the USA, and Europe across multiple industries including EdTech and learning, publishing, analytics, distribution, creative agency, future technologies, and media production. Taking a “person with machine” approach, Alasdair puts equal emphasis on human behavior and being data-informed.



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